Career counseling

Career counseling or career guidance, is counseling aimed to help people with selecting, changing, or leaving a career (job). One's career and profession are the most important aspects of human life; one can say definitely that your life is based on the career path that you are following whether financially or psychologically. Choosing a career is often a difficult task; It may not be easy to decide what type of job will be the best fit, since our career counseling service helps you assess your skills, needs, and desires in order to find a career that suits you, this type of counseling is considered to be an important step to take before deciding on a permanent career. Researching a wide variety of potential careers may be overwhelming, and information on the skill sets and education needed for a particular position may be contradictory or difficult to find. A career counselor will often be able to provide valuable information in these areas and others.

የስራ (ሙያ) ምክክር

የስራ (ሙያ) ምክክር አንዱ የስነ-ልቦና የማማከር ዘርፍ ሲሆን በዚህም ሰዎች ስራቸውን ለመተው ለመምረጥ ወይም ደግሞ ለመቀየር በፈለጉ ጊዜ ከባለሙያ  የሚያገኙት የስነ-ልቦና  ድጋፍ እና ምክክር ነው፡፡ በሰው ልጆች ህይወት ውስጥ እጅግ ወሳኝ ከሆኑ ነገሮች አንዱ ስራ ነው፤ ስለሆነም የስራ ወይም የሙያ መስካችንን መምረጥ ከባድ ነገር ሲሆንብን ይስተዋላል፡፡ ለዚህም ነው አሃ የሰነ-ልቦና ድጋፍ አገልግሎት ተቋም ፍላጎትዎን እና ችሎታዎን በምዘና ውስጥ በማሳለፍ የሚሥማማዎትን የስራ ዓውድ ያመላክትዎታል፡፡