About Aha

The world in which we live, is becoming complex and intricate from day to day. This is putting stress on the human psyche and people are losing their life balances. Thus, professionals have to contribute their share to the recovery and wellbeing of human being. This gave the momentum for Aha to be established as a centre in July 2014 with a notion of "restoring the balance in life".

Aha means simply a sudden understanding and insight creation. Most practitioners, teachers, clinicians, counsellors and therapists observe their participants, students and clients to give an insight, illumination or sudden understanding of knowledge or information. This is known as the Aha Effect.

Psychological Service

  • Psychological Assessment: We use psychological tests for our clients’ problem diagnosis  and decide the psychological intervention prior to establishing a treatment plan and initiate therapy

  • Counseling and Psychotherapy:

Individual Psychotherapy: Our individual psychotherapy can take a number of different forms and strives to help individuals’ in alleviating their psycho-social problems such as depression, stress, anxiety, fear, crisis, loss, grief, and trauma ….etc.

Marriage and Family Therapy: Through our family therapy, we strive to work with the family as a system or unit. It involves meeting with couples, the entire family or various members of the family together pertinent to the nature of the problem

Child and Adolescent Counseling:  Our work with children and adolescent is mainly done in partnership with schools and parents. It ranges from assessment and diagnosis of learning difficulties, development disorders and behaviour related problems.

Group Counseling: Counseling in group offers a broad range of insights and supports from peers and professional counsellors. This can be applied especially for people interested in exploring their interpersonal communication and enhancing their approach to relationships in such areas as trust, intimacy, anger, conflict, assertiveness, life challenges and improving self-esteem.

Career Counseling: Our career counseling will help clients to know and understand themselves and the world of work in order to make career choices, educational and life decisions. Since career development is a lifelong process, it is appropriate for anyone, including graduates, juniors and seniors.

Research and Consultancy

Since its establishment, Aha has managed baseline surveys, feasibility studies, projects and programs evaluation and development and implementation of behavioural intervention models in different development sectors. It has also established extensive network of contacts with international organizations such as World Bank, JSI, IRC, LCD, EP, ESD, Care Ethiopia and Technoserve ... etc.

Work and organizational psychology

Work and Organizational Psychology (WOP) is a scientific approach that involves designing, analysing and application of psychological research and tools in a variety of ways to solve human and organizational problems in the workplace. Our WOP service includes: Job analysis, employees’ recruitment, promotion and performance appraisal, employees’ assessment and testing, training and development. It also includes occupational health, wellbeing, safety, coaching, motivating employees and executive leaders and instilling organizational citizenship and productive behaviour

Training at Aha

  • Applied counselling techniques and skills

  • Counselling supervision

  • Family and marriage counselling

  • Trauma/ crisis counselling

  • Child counseling

  • Career counseling

  • School counseling  

Personal Development

  • Life-work balance

  • Creative thinking

  • Self-esteem development

  • Stress management

  • Social and emotional learning